The Perfect At Home Spa Day

The Perfect At Home Spa Day

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Day spas are great (I’m obsessed with them) but they can be freakishly expensive. I love treating myself to a spa day at local day spas, but I leave those to special occasions. Sometimes I don’t want to bother with people, parking, money, waiting, etc. Sometimes I just need some alone time with my favorite products, some tea, and some candles.

For a fraction of the price, you can relax and fill up on happiness right from home. I do this on most Sundays but some days I also need a mid-week spa sesh. Whether it’s a couple of hours or 30 minutes; these tips and essentials can be tailored to best suit your time.


  • Candles – I love relaxing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, citrus, and pine. I’ll usually light a couple of candles that have either the same scent or complementary scents. Then I’ll light scentless candles just for the ambiance. I really load up on the candles and use them as my only light source. I tend to gravitate toward candles that use only essential oils as the fragrance.
    • Lite+Cycle candles are amazing. Their candles are made with pure essential oils AND they’re also a woman-owned and operated business (LOVE)!
    • Rewined. I’ve also seen these at West Elm, they’re bomb. All-natural and the glass they’re in is from recycled wine bottles!
    • Aveda also has some good candles. I really like their rosemary mint scent which is vegan and they use pure flower and plant essences. Aveda is a great place to get plant-essence body care. I picked up a few of their Chakra Body Sprays to spritz on throughout the day. I consistently get compliments on how great and calming I smell!
  • Bubbles and bath goods – I don’t always use bubbles but when I do they make me extra happy. When I choose to use them I usually go with this one which I’m sure you’ve seen in stores like Target. For bath salts, I use the same brand and I love all of their scents.
    • Lush products (although they use added fragrance). They will forever hold a special place in my heart, I loooove Lush. My favorite bath bombs are the Butterball, Deep Sleep, and Twilight. Their bath melts are also pretty amazing.
    • Herbivore has this coconut milk bath soak that I recently tried and loved. My skin feels SO hydrated after I use this. Coconut milk is high in vitamins and I notice whenever I get an eczema flare-up and use coconut milk, my skin gets so much happier.
  • Wooden massager – These wooden massage/circulation rollers are a game-changer. I was already a huge fan of dry brushing for a while, but recently I added these massages in. They’re supposed to help with circulation, lymphatic drainage, and cellulite. I’m not certain if those will actually happen, but for now, I’m just loving the massage.

Set the scene

Light those candles or maybe use a salt lamp for some added benefits. To up the relaxation, turn on either some relaxing songs or even meditation music. There are so many playlists on Apple Music if you search “binaural beats”, which has so many benefits being used for sound wave therapy. Research has been done to show how they activate specific systems in the brain.

Turn off or silence your electronics so you won’t be disturbed. At this point, my family friends and boyfriend all know that Sundays are my relaxation days. So they know not to bug me anyway.

Get yourself a yummy beverage of your choice. Sometimes that’s a glass of wine for me, but mostly that’s a mug of tea. I’ve been loving combining chamomile with lemon ginger, but peppermint or detox teas are also super yummy. In my tea I almost always add Calm magnesium. This has helped improve my tension headaches, improve my sleep and just in general de-stress. I would highly recommend checking this product out. I get flavorless so that it doesn’t interfere with my tea flavors.

Draw yourself a hot bath and throw in any of your essentials like the ones I mentioned above.


  • I start with cleansing my face which I have a whole routine on separate from my spa days. I choose to just do the pre-cleanse and cleanse before hopping in the bathtub.
  • Soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes to allow the Epsom salt to do the job. I also use it as a time to steam my face and use the wooden massage roller.
  • When I’m out of the shower I immediately moisturize and throw on my fluffy plush robe and a good foot mask.
  • I then exfoliate my face and lips (love this Lush lip scrub) and throw on a mask that suits my skin at that time.
  • While my face mask and foot mask sit for 20-ish minutes, I lay on my bed and listen to a guided meditation. For that, I use the Insight Timer app which I love. It has countless free meditations of varying time lengths and for different concerns.
  • Once the 20-ish minutes are up, I finish my face routine with serum and moisturizer, then tend to my nails. Lately, I’ve just been cleaning up my cuticles, filing them to shape and then buffing/shining.

At this point I’m so incredibly relaxed, so I’ll either curl up with a book or watch some feel-good shows like Friends or a Disney movie. I stay pretty strict in my relaxation. So if there’s any work, school stuff, or finances for me to handle, I make sure to either do it before or leave it to the next day. When everything is all done and I’ve cleaned up, I love to turn on my diffuser in either my room or living room. I’ll add some essential oils that coordinate with my bath/body products and keep that on until I’m ready for bed.

While I chill with my book, TV show or movie, I’ll either sip on more tea or have some bone broth to stay extra cozy.

Do you guys have any go-to products you use for your spa days? I’m a bit of a product junkie so I would LOVE to add some to my collection!

Talk soon,

Naturally Alyssa


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