Bone Broth – Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

Bone broth has been a HUGE factor in me improving my gut health. It has been so supportive in helping with my joint stiffness, alleviating pain, improving my digestion and reducing my inflammation. I first learned about the benefits of bone broth from my naturopath a couple of years ago, she told me of the profound ways that I could potentially help improve my gut health, starting with bone broth.

She made the suggestion and of course encouraged me to do my own research and give it a try if I was interested.

Y’all KNOW I love any and all reasons to do a little research!

As “new” as the whole bone broth fad feels, scientists have been curious about the potential health benefits for over 80 years.

Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

Bone broth is rich in nutrients

Bone broth is really rich in collagen, which turns into gelatin when it’s cooked. This gelatin is loaded with nutrients like arginine (a powerful neurotransmitter) and magnesium.

We know that bones themselves are high in nutrients like calcium. But bones, and more specifically bone broth is also really high in nutrients like:

  • Iron (vital mineral)
  • Zinc (good for immunity and metabolism)
  • Fatty acids
  • Selenium (immunity and inflammation)
  • Glycine (supports digestion)
  • Glutamine (intestinal health and immunity)

It has anti-inflammatory properties

Inflammation and joint pain have been a part of my reality for quite a while now, and overall I’ve accepted it for what it is. But that doesn’t mean I’m not trying to find ways that I can lessen my inflammation and joint pain, and bone broth has definitely helped me. Glycine and proline are just a couple of inflammation-fighting amino acids that are found in bone broth.

Glycine, although a non-essential amino acid, has the potential to reduce swelling and limit the production of inflammatory cytokines in the body. Our bodies produce this amino acid on its own, but many foods like bone broth can help supplement the natural production we already have going on.

Combating joint pain and general inflammation has been a hoot. But sites like mindbodygreen have really great resources like this one for an anti-inflammatory FAQ.

Improve your gut

Gut health really goes hand-in-hand with inflammation. Our guts have a specific, harmonious, little ecosystem called the microbiome. When it’s happy and harmonious there’s a blend of both good bacteria and bad bacteria. But! When knocked out of harmony, the environment can become overrun by bad microbes and an overgrowth of bacteria. The inflammation that results can lead to a permeable intestinal tract (think leaky gut and IBS) that allows waste and bacteria into the bloodstream, alerting your immune system and signaling more inflammation.

I have some very stubborn digestive/gut issues including bloating, deficiencies, brain fog, headaches, rashes, etc. While staying active, acupuncture (peep my post where I RAVE about my experience with acupuncture), and mental health work (i.e. meditation, journaling, etc.) have all helped, I really noticed a change when I addressed what I was putting in my body.

Nutrients found in bone broth like glutamine and glycine (can you tell it’s a big deal?) both play roles in rebuilding the tissues of the digestive tract to help heal an inflamed gut. Glutamine, in particular, is essential for the growth and health of epithelial cells, the same cells that line the gastrointestinal tract. This helps with healing the lining of the gut, improving inflammation and improving overall gut health!

As I’ve been working through healing my gut, I’ve noticed my symptoms like brain fog, headaches, and nutrient deficiencies are lessening. By healing my gut I’m giving my body the prime environment to actually absorb the nutrients that it needs.

Final thoughts

I’m obsessed… More specifically I’m obsessed with Bonafide Provisions bone broth (#notsponsored) (#ijustlovethemsomuch). I’m big into convenience for one, so I’m not really trying to make my own. Maybe in the future? But they can be found in the frozen food aisles of stores like Whole Foods, Fred Meyer, Metropolitan Market, and more.

The first thing I noticed when I first tried Bonafide Provisions, was that when I thawed it in the fridge, it was gelatinous. Also, apparently freezing bone broth is the traditional storage method to retain the nutrients and flavor.

Now, this was so incredibly different from the shelf brands I’ve tried. I’ve tried boxed and canned from the shelf and uh, those are not at all what you want to be buying.

For one, many brands include broth as like a filler in their “bone broth” so it’s not pure. Really pay attention to the ingredients that different companies use. Using broth allows them to make their “bone broth” cheaper and allows them to stretch the product. But I want to reap all the benefits and Bonafide Provisions doesn’t disappoint.

They list out 24 things that they never use in their products and I love them even more for this. Not only does this make me super confident in their preparation methods, but since I’m working on healing my gut, knowing that they don’t throw a bunch of crap in their broth means I’m not hindering my progress.

How I enjoy bone broth

I’m easy. Lately, I’ve been thawing a package of the organic chicken bone broth in my fridge overnight and then I typically have a mug full each afternoon between lunch and dinner for the next few days. The instructions say to heat on the stove, so that’s what I do. There must be a reason why microwaving isn’t recommended.

They also make soup and keto broths which I haven’t tried yet but I definitely need to order some because I’m sure they’re pretty bomb.

Aside from the amazing health benefits of bone broth, I really look forward to sipping on it in the afternoons. Especially when it’s a little chilly out, it’s so comforting and warming.

How do you guys feel about bone broth? Has anyone tried to make their own? I’m kind of curious and want to give it a try. If you have a good recipe send it my way!

Shoot me a note, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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